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WAHL Professional Allstar Combo


Product Description

WAHL Professional All Star Combo

Item # 8331



  • High precision blades
  • Excellent for trimming and making clean edges
  • Variable tapers
  • Textures with its high precision blades
  • 120v- 60Hz



  • Professional Clipper
  • Professional Trimmer
  • Clipper with 6 Cutting Guides (1/8" - 1")
  • Trimmer with 4 Cutting Guides (1/8" - 1/2")
  • Red Blade Guards
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Oil
  • Instructions

Product Reviews

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  1. Just What I Needed

    Posted by Warren on May 12th 2020

    As with several others, too many weeks of quarantine made me look shaggy. After a couple of online video tutorials, I cut my own hair and my wife's hair. Both turned out great.

    Service was quick and the clippers worked great! Highly recommend!

  2. Great clippers

    Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2020

    Both clippers worked great.

  3. Great product

    Posted by Jason on May 3rd 2020

    I was looking for a clipper set to cut my own hair since all the barbers are closed. The Wahl All Star and Peanut was the perfect package! Made this amateur produce pro results.
    Packaging and shipping was free and supper fast!

  4. Excellent for Novice Hairstylists

    Posted by Lisa on Apr 27th 2020

    I tried to order cordless clippers from several websites. They were out of stock. I looked around and finally found Barber Supply. They didn't have the cordless clippers either. They did, however, have the Allstar combo that had all the combs I thought I would need (which other sites didn't have). I decided that getting two cutting gizmos for the price of one plus combs was worth the 'hassle' of dealing with cords. I placed the ordered on a Saturday and opted to pay a small fee for shipping. It got here Monday! In the middle of the COVID epidemic! I let it sit for a few days in mail quarantine while I watched some WAHL videos. I then attempted the 'Easy' haircut on my husband. I made sure to start with the 1" blade and then work down from there. I ended up using both the Clippers and the Peanut -- using the Peanut was easier than turning the Clippers upside down for close trims. I did two more haircuts. Sure, my hairstylist does a better job. But this was more than adequate, and every male in the house feels more comfortable and a lot happier. I highly recommend this combo -- and the WAHL videos -- to any novice in a similar situation.

  5. The perfect pair

    Posted by Bethany on Apr 22nd 2020

    The designer and the peanut are both amazing! The peanut is perfect for beards (and armpits!) and the designer is a wonderful clipper. I am beyond satisfied with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

  6. Quality products

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 21st 2020

    We purchased this set to do boys/mens haircuts for the 1st time. The products are of high quality and were easy to use. In this set, the Clippers have the following attachments: a “1” (1/8”, 3mm), a “2” (1/4”, 6mm), a “3” (3/8”, 10 mm), a “4” (1/2”, 13mm), a “6” (3/4”, 19 mm), and a “8” (1”, 25mm), so if you want some intermediate sizes in between some of those attachments, you can order separately. We did 3 haircuts back-to-back-to back, oiling the Clippers as well as the Peanut Trimmer in between each cut, and everything worked well. Also, our order shipped right away and was packaged well. It arrived undamaged, and everything was brand new. I had never ordered from Barber Supply before and did a lot of checking online to see if the site is legit—-honestly, it was hard to figure out since there is not much out there beyond their own web site. Finally, I was able to verify that they run Big Commerce software for their site, and I also verified their domain registry information, which seemed to check out, and it also listed an address in suburban Atlanta. The package did ship out of Atlanta. So, it is a legit site.

  7. It was a gift for my nephew

    Posted by Maria lopez on Jan 29th 2017

    My nephew love it as soon as he recieved it he cut his hair and his little brothers he said that it cut really really good